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Healthy, strong teeth are synonymous with quality of life

12 March 2022
Nicholas Fournier, DD, College of Denturists of Ontario

Our teeth contribute to our quality of life and our self-esteem.  Unfortunately, many people are unable to enjoy the foods they love due to partial or complete tooth loss.  People who wear removable dental prostheses are unsure of their prostheses’ efficiency because they are often unstable in the mouth.  There are many different types of removable dental prostheses to satisfy each patient’s specific needs.


An old dental prosthesis can change your appearance. Over the years, gum tissue and bone resorption, combined with the wear and tear of dental prostheses, can create an indentation at the base of your nose and a crease around your mouth. These factors also cause your prosthesis to move inside of your mouth. Your appearance changes drastically and begins to show signs of premature aging.

In order to avoid irreversible damages, whether for partial or complete dental prostheses, consultation appointments are crucial and should be conducted every five years.