A dental prosthesis or “denture” is the appliance we make to restore the mouth’s function and the smile’s appearance. The magnitude of the consequences that tooth loss can cause is often a shock to clients. They have to live with this handicap, which has a negative impact on their quality of life. A dental prosthesis, like any other body prosthesis, has the function of restoring quality of life and restoring the smile.


A hybrid prosthesis is replaceable. It is attached to implants or supported by natural teeth.


A dental implant is simply a replacement of the root of the tooth. It is a surgical titanium screw that makes it possible to manufacture a dentition that is well anchored in the mouth and well supported. We can compare this procedure to a house foundation because if we put it directly on the ground, it would unfortunately not hold in place for long. The dental implant symbolizes the abutments and the foundation that anchor and support the structure.


We now offer a revolutionary procedure for patients who want an easy, fast and painless process to get their smile!


Whether you call it ClearChoice, All-on-4 (R) or RevitaliZe (TM), you are referring to the same procedure. It involves giving the patient back its

permanent teeth directly after implant placement. The patient leaves the clinic with a great smile, without pain and can eat immediately. Unbelievable, I know, no wonder it is the number one option for patients!

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