Two experts with nearly 50 years’ combined experience

The Bouclin & Fournier duo: a dynamic and perfectly complementary team at the service of your oral health.

Robert Bouclin, originally a dentist, made the transition to the specialized field of periodontics. Dr. Bouclin not only worked alongside Nicholas Fournier early in his career, but has also enriched his practice by collaborating with other denturists from his practice office in Ottawa.

A periodontist is a specialist in the treatment of diseases and problems that affect the supporting tissues of the teeth, gums and bones. Periodontists are leading experts in gum surgery.

On his part, denturist Nicholas Fournier designs, fabricates and installs removable dentures and implant-supported prostheses.

A denturist is a health-care professional recognized for the fabrication, fitting and adjustment of dental prostheses. He or she is with you every step of the way, from developing your treatment plan to fabricating your dentures and fitting them into your mouth.

A unique and exceptional collaboration

The long-standing collaboration between these two professionals, who have shared a vision of excellence and complementarity since the very beginning of their careers, makes this team natural allies.

This collaboration of over 15 years is based on a solid practice of full mouth restoration. When it comes to denturology, Nicholas Fournier knows exactly what dental implants need to be perfect.

For his part, Dr. Bouclin knows exactly how to prepare the gums to receive implants in the optimum locations.

The collaboration between Nicholas Fournier and Dr. Bouclin is a perfect fusion of complementary expertise. Together, they assess the potential results for each patient, asking the crucial question: “How can we restore a perfect smile for our patient?” This approach enables them to find sustainable solutions for each case, guaranteeing optimal restoration.

Industry leaders

Dr. Bouclin and Nicholas Fournier are leaders in their field of expertise. Dr. Bouclin is a renowned lecturer, having shared his knowledge internationally. Their respective reputations are second to none, and their work is recognized for its excellence in our region and beyond.

Dr. Robert Bouclin and Nicholas Fournier are happy to work closely together to offer you the best, most comfortable solutions for restoring your smile to perfection.

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