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Mouth Rebuild: meet the specialists

15 January 2023
Nicholas Fournier, DD, College of Denturists of Ontario

Embarking on the journey of rebuilding your mouth may seem daunting, but fear not! This whimsical dental construction adventure is comparable to building a home, with a cast of characters that will make you smile throughout the process. So, let’s meet the specialists who will transform your dental landscape, sprinkled with a touch of humour.

 Step 1: The Architect – The Denturist

Imagine your mouth as a blueprint waiting to be brought to life. Enter the skilled denturist, the architectural mastermind behind your mouth makeover. With an expert eye, they carefully analyze your dental landscape, identifying areas in need of renovation. Just like an architect plans every nook and cranny in a home, the denturist plans the perfect smile for you.

 Step 2: The Demolition Crew – The Oral Surgeon/Periodontist

Before the construction begins, the old must make way for the new! Meet the fearless demolition crew of the dental world – the oral surgeon/periodontist. Like controlled explosions in your mouth (figuratively, of course), they skillfully extract stubborn teeth, clear out decayed or damaged areas, and create space for the upcoming dental wonders.

Step 3: The Foundation – The Oral Surgeon/Periodontist

A strong foundation is crucial for any solid structure, whether it’s a home or your mouth. Enter the periodontist, the expert in gum health, who ensures that your oral foundation is rock solid. They handle everything from treating gum disease to performing gum grafts and placing implants. With their expertise, your mouth’s groundwork is ready for the next phase.

Step 4: The Construction Crew – The Denturist

Now that your mouth has a sturdy foundation, it’s time to bring in the master craftsmen – the dental prosthetists. These skilled artisans specialize in designing, fabricating, and fitting dental prosthetics. From dental implants to dentures, they meticulously assemble the components to give you back that perfect, envy-worthy smile.

Step 5: The Maintenance Crew – your dentist, hygienist and you

Congratulations, your new mouth is now ready for occupancy! But just like a new home, it requires regular maintenance. You play a vital role in this stage, alongside your dentist and hygienist. Together, you form the maintenance crew, responsible for brushing, flossing, and keeping up with regular dental check-ups. This teamwork ensures your renovated mouth stays in pristine condition, and you’ll be the proud owner of a fabulous dental abode!

Rebuilding a mouth is indeed a wild journey, akin to constructing a home. With the denturist as the master architect and a team of skilled specialists by your side, you’ll embrace a transformed mouth that will leave everyone in the neighbourhood envious. So, remember to keep your sense of humour and wear that big, toothy smile throughout this fantastic dental adventure!