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No more love…

27 September 2022
Nicholas Fournier, DD, College of Denturists of Ontario

It’s time to discuss a very personal topic that affects many people: intimacy in a couple. Regardless of the age of the patient, each person should be able to feel comfortable in their relationship. This brings me to a patient who recently confided in me about a situation that was making her very uncomfortable. She was afraid that her dentures would not stay in place in her mouth while she was having intimate relations with her partner. This fear, that her teeth would literally fall out of her mouth, paralyzed her and made it uncomfortable for her and her partner to get close.

I understood exactly how she felt and how stressful this situation must have been for her. She is certainly not alone in this discomfort and no one would want to be in this situation. Instead of enjoying a moment that is meant to be beautiful, all she does is think about her dentures and what could happen if they don’t stay in place. The result? She now avoids any form of intimacy. Her teeth are stressing her out to the point of taking away the relaxation, comfort and happiness she should feel when she’s around her partner. Because of the sensitive nature of this topic, it’s not hard to believe that many patients have the same fears, but don’t dare talk about them openly for fear of judgement.  Whether you are male or female, young or old, no one wants to be in this situation.

Fortunately, your denturist can propose solutions that allow us to stabilise and secure dentures in place to prevent them from shifting and to give you back your confidence during intimate moments. These treatments ensure that you can enjoy yourself freely and without fear with your partner and thus improve your quality of life! So don’t hesitate to share your fears, because there is certainly a solution to help you.