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Are Dental Implants Worth It?

6 June 2022

To answer that question, you have to take your current situation into account and ask yourself these questions. How many teeth are you missing?  Is replacing those teeth important to you? Do you know the consequences of not replacing your teeth?

Like many denture-wearers, are you worried about or embarrassed by someone discovering that you have a denture? This situation is more common than you might think.


Denture wearers experience a 90% decrease in chewing efficiency. However, the average patient doesn’t realize that over time, they naturally compensate for this loss and adapt to the lack of function. For example, chewing a steak might be very difficult for someone who wears a full lower denture and eating an apple can be difficult for someone who has a full upper denture. People adjust to these deficiencies by cutting up their food into smaller pieces that don’t necessarily require much chewing.


Comfort is a crucial issue for most denture wearers. Most often, chewing can be uncomfortable because of the pressure that is placed on the gums. Having a piece of plastic pushing onto your gums is not natural and applying the same amount of pressure as you would with your natural teeth can be difficult. Not to mention the amount of food that gets trapped underneath your dentures, creating sore spots which can affect your eating habits and take a couple of days to heal.


Movement and too much of it is something that all denture wearers experience. Whether the upper denture falls at an inopportune moment or the lower denture pops out mid-yawn, a loose denture is never fun. One of most embarrassing (and too common) scenarios is having your denture pop out, lift up or fall during a dinner with friends; no one should experience that.

For all these reasons and much more, the value of dental implants as a replacement for missing teeth is incalculable.

Take a moment and think about all of these factors and other things that are bothersome about your dentures, and you will realize how implants can help give you regain optimal oral function.

There exists an excellent variety of different implants, treatments, and systems, and each solution is available at various costs. To find out more about what would work best for you, you would require a complete evaluation of your oral health and the current issues you are experiencing, as well as your goals regarding function.

So are dental implants worth it? That’s a question worth thinking about. I know from my own patients’ positive feedback, every one of them who has opted for dental implants would never go back to dentures. The value of their investment in proper dental implants is greater than they could have imagined.