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Finding the middle ground


This epidemic has brought out a whole bunch of hardship for people, Health Canada has asked us to stay in confinement for a fairly long time. Some people take this to heart and some others choose to ignore it completely.

Once this confinement is over, how do we get back to normal life?

If we were the type that took this to heart and stayed at home without any human contact at all, the transition and getting back to normal life can be difficult. Fear set in, uncertainty is definite and the transition to what we used to do is going to be difficult. The people that haven't done any of this confinement or ignored it as much as possible nothing's really changed for them. I think in between these two there's balance. Knowing what a virus is, educating ourselves on the problem will give us some comfort and alleviate fears surrounding how this stuff works.

For example, in my clinical setting, having been educated in sterilization and disinfection, my fears of this virus are non-existent. I have confidence in the science and the steps that we take daily to ensure the elimination of infection.

I have seen this in the past, where patients come in with a whole bunch of infectious viruses from week to week and to my surprise I never personally get sick, nor do my staff or do my other patients get infected. Of course the patients that come in when they're sick should stay home but that's part of our society. Being informed on how this stuff works and taking measurements to eliminate infections is what we do.  Knowing how to do that is important. 

Getting back your normal life is equally important knowing how this stuff works for yourself will eliminate fears and break down barriers for yourself so you can have a happy normal life. Getting back into society and having confidence in the public and in businesses is important for yourself and others.

My daughter told me he would be weird going back to school. She is now fearful of what she can catch and even worse what she can bring home. She is very mindful. I ensured her that yeah the first couple of weeks there will be some uncomfortable situations. But with the pointers that I gave her she feels more confident and protecting herself and others.

Here are a couple of pointers.

  • Viruses need to come into your body to take effect

  • Eliminate the potential that viruses get into your body

  • The most common places that viruses come in is through your nose, eyes, mouth, possibly ears, a wound and other private areas

  • Not touching your face and washing your hands well help tremendously and reducing the entry point for the virus

Here's a link to standard practices.

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