• Nicholas Fournier DD

The cure to loose dentures.

In this new day and age we have a cure for loose lower dentures! Most people suffer for years and years with lower loose dentures and keep looking for solution, yet the solution has been developed in the last 50 years. The solution has become easier and easier, helping people to be able to have teeth like natural teeth.

The solution is simple depending on where you're coming from, what type of prosthetic you've had and or what teeth are missing adding to 2,4 or 6 implants will give you the foundation to hold any type of denture.

Unless you had a really horrible experience with dentist, this treatment does not involve very much. It is simple and straightforward. If you have fears, put your mind at rest, implant placement is very very simple.

The Fear Factor is mostly because of the unknown. I haven't had one patient that regretted having an implant placed and every time could not believe how simple it is. we typically tend to build up fear as an emotion and come up with a unrealistic reasons.

The financial part can be simply managed from the simplest treatment with implants to the more complex and more expensive there is financing available from anywhere $70 to $300 per month.

You gotta ask yourself is it worth it to invest some money in your mouth so you're able to chew and function like everyone else, or suffer for the rest of your life.

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