• Nicholas Fournier DD

Confidence with dentures

Teeth have a very significant role to play in our well being. From the first time you meet someone, to physical facial expressions, losing teeth is no laughing matter. Most people dread the idea of losing one tooth let alone many teeth. When a tooth is extracted it's not only the tooth that we lose, we lose a lot of confidence, vanity and we might have a sense of failure. So in many daily activities or events, we are always conscious about our smile and how our teeth function and look. Most people I meet that need tooth replacements are completely embarrassed and typically would take a day off to get their teeth repaired.

Confidence with teeth is one of the most important thing in life. I have a patient that told me a story about his difficulty he was having with his sex life. His dentures did not have the stability he needed and he did not have the confidence to let himself enjoy the moment. His dentures was completely stopping him to be comfortable in his personal relationship, it greatly affected him.

I could not imagine the scenario where you are in a intimate moment and for the lack of a better term, your teeth fall out. That scenario will definitely hinder the moment, the embarrassment would be unbearable. People will avoid intimacy to not have that situation arise.

His initial intention was to get something that would help him out get that confidence back. The easy answer is dental implants, It would give all aspect of security and it gives him teeth that are like real teeth. The way it works is that the prosthetic teeth are locked into place. The confidence comes right back and the pressure of trying to hide it is all gone. Liberating? Yes!

Enjoy life with all its fun and intimacy.

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