• Nicholas Fournier DD

Sex, Food and Dentures

There is a very interesting topic at hand when we think about sex in your dentures. What is the most important things in life in the most desirable things is sex and the next one just underneath in terms of importance is food. Food is such a staple in every moment of our day. From the morning breakfast to a morning snack to lunch and then can't wait to get home and have a great meal with family and friends. We create events around food. It is found to be easier to change a smoking habit rather than changing a eating habit. Food is very important to us all in all its forms and diets. It is one of the most pleasurable and comforting thing in our lives. It comes very close to sex, however sex trumps it all (this will depend on age). Sex like eating is very primal and is driven by hormones and great feelings.

Great right, but what does it have to do with dentures? Well if you ask a person that has all their teeth to not eat certain foods they would frown on that and it would hinder there well being and they would crave that thing that they can't eat. This is exactly the feeling that people with dentures get a custom to. Bite into a apple! Not anymore. Chew a great flavorful steak? With great compromise. When we get older and sex life is less and less, then teeth start to be a problem, wow what are we living for.

It is no wonder that I see patients that come to me in there 90’s wanting dental implants. They lost all pleasure in life and all that they would like before they die is to eat well! I tell myself this should have been done years ago but I guess time flies by and we forget about ourselves. So now that we have dental implants that will give patients total function back. Biting into an apple or steak is as good as having natural teeth. Dentures with implants at this stage out wins the desire to have sex! Life is a lot more fun when you don't have to think about your teeth and the foods that you can and can not eat.

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