• Nicholas Fournier DD

The dental Experience

Life is full of experiences we have great ones and we have horrible ones. Everyone tries to keep the great experiences. Usually dental experiences is not on the list of fun. We have worked very hard to turn that around because most of us had a unpleasant to a very horrible experience in the dental chair.

In my practice I tried Very very hard to mitigate against bad experiences I put together different tactics and techniques for every patient. We can achieve a great experience and that would in turn make the patient happy and the treatment much more enjoyable.

From Pain Management to impression taking, We have come up with techniques that can just about eliminate completely these bad experiences.

Let me give you an idea of one of the most popular elements of the dental experiences. Pain, How do I manage pain when patients are terrified of sitting on the dental chair. Most of the time the perception of pain is worse when we had a bad experience in the past. It comes up as something that would be worse and worse over time and so patients avoid the dental chair at all cost. We have developed special management tools that kind of seem magical in able to eliminate a lot of pain or all of it. This is a comment I get from all my patience when we do these type of treatments. They can't believe that they did not I have a hard time and did not feel any pain afterwards. It's magical.

There are a lot of different concerns for patients. I take one concern at a time and develop techniques around eliminating all potential problems and making it the most enjoyable experience possible.

From fear of big teeth,Having a uncomfortable or painful denture to fear of being seen with a without a denture. We Have solutions for all these problems.

Some patients would love to have an implant treatments for all its great advantages yet are terrified the idea of needing to place implants in the bone. We have an amazing solution that eliminates any concerns and is absolutely magical . We completely eliminate pain and discomfort right away and patients are absolutely amazed and can't figure out how we do that.

For many many years we have put together different tactics to absolutely get the best experiences possible and patients are reeking the benefits.

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