• Nicholas Fournier DD

Forgeting to smile

Life is a busy endeavour. We all have no time for anything, as we age this become harder and harder to find time. Before you know it your kids are planning their retirement and you forgot all about yourself. Your health is the last thing you are thinking about let alone you dental health.

Don't forget your smile, when was the last time you looked in the mirror and smiled. Does your smile look used or maybe tilting to one side. how long have you had those dentures? Are they stained, cracked, repaired, worn down or have tartar and bacteria build up?

Prosthetic teeth should be replaced every 5 years to avoid adverse effects. This does not mean that it is an absolute must change but at least look to get a checkup to make sure that things are not going in the wrong direction.

Patients that have gone to far with there prosthetic teeth can and will have a hard time to get back to something they had before. Keeping up with your oral health will help you to have great function and great smile with minimum change for years to come.

Let me give you a scenario. I hear often that the patient's denture is comfortable and absolutely loves it. I would agree to let thing go if there is no problem, but the reality is that things are degrading and patients don't realise it.

At this stage it is the time to make it better and keep exactly the same comfort and smile (no horse teeth). One of the problems with keeping your denture for too long is that the teeth and bone fade away and the mouth gets over closed. If it gets too far, bringing it back to normal can be more difficult. If you have used your teeth by 1-2mm each denture (normal use for 5 years) and have lost 1mm of bone that equals to about half a centimeter. In the mouth that can be a big jump for many patients. If you go even further It might be impossible to get back what you need.

Don't let your teeth fade away and take care of that smile that you always loved. Your friends and family should not know the difference when you get your new smile. The goal is to restore natural biomechanics and keep patients happy.

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