• Nicholas Fournier DD

Embarrassed to have a denture

Dentures is one of the only socially accepted prosthetic that people might be terrified of.

It is a funny and awkward situation for someone to loose their natural teeth. The very thought of loosing teeth for some people can be a depressing and a confidence killer. Many people would want to crawl into a cave and never come out from the fear of being seen toothless.

This guy should have gotten a implant retained denture. This would have not happened.

I see people every day that have anxiety of every social situation that there teeth could move and flip up or down. Some people will setup there teeth with glue before they go anywhere and others just avoid any social events all together. It is common to avoid eat certain things for the fear of getting hurt or stuff getting caught under the partial or complete denture.

I completely understand this as I myself would do all I can to not show that I have a denture.

Luckily now we can get rid of all those problems and get all confidence back. We can get teeth that do not come out, teeth that do not hurt, teeth that can eat absolutely anything.

A denture and a denture retained and supported by implants is a game changer. It changes the way you live your life. It eliminates all common problems in regards to a standard denture.

If you thought that life is over when you have to get all your teeth pulled, think again.

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