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Are dental implants worth it?

To answer that question you must think of your current situation. How many teeth are you missing, is the value of replacing those teeth important to you, do you know the consequences of not replacing your teeth.

Are you like many that are wearing a denture and are embarrassed of someone discovering that you have a denture. This situation is more common than you might think.

If we think about function, People lose up to 90% of function with a denture but many don't realize that they compromise and adapt to that lack of function. For example chewing steak might be very difficult for someone that has a complete lower denture, eating an apple can be very difficult for someone that has a complete upper denture. People get around these lack of functions by cutting up their food before and making smaller pieces that don't necessarily need to be chewed very well.

Comfort, this is a big one for most denture wearers, most often the chewing can be uncomfortable because of pressure put on the gums. it's not natural to have a piece of plastic pushing onto gum and hoping that were able to put as much pressure as we would if we had our own teeth . That is not even mentioning the amount of food that can get trapped under denture and create sore spots. Sore spots will stop someone from eating and would take a couple of days to heal

Movements, is something that all denture wearers experience. Either the upper denture falls in an embarrassing moment or the lower one pops out when you yawn. A moving denture is not fun for anybody. The most dreadful thing in life is to have a great dinner with friends and your denture pops out or lifts up or Falls down, not fun at all.

For all these reasons and many more the value of dental implants have a great role in replacing missing teeth if you think of these things and other things that might bother you with your denture you would see that implants can give you back all these different functions .

There is a great variety of different types of implants, different treatments with implants, different implant systems and of course variable pricing for these different types. To know what's best for you, you would need an evaluation to see what you would want in terms of function and getting rid of the different problems you're having .

So are dental implants Worth it? That's a question for you to think about. I know from my patients, every one of them that have dental implants would not want to get rid of them. The value of putting the money into dental implants is greater then they would thought.

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