• Nicholas Fournier DD

What is Teeth in a day

Teeth in a day is the best ways of getting from loosing teeth or no teeth to a very functional and aesthetic smile in a couple of hours!

If you are scared of loosing your teeth, scared of the dentist, scared of pain, this is the treatment for you.

This special technique is not for the professional without experience. It is highly technical and requires a deep understanding of biomechanics and manual expertise to get it right. Since I have been doing this technique I am able to reduce pain to almost zero. Patient can not believe that it does not hurt! At the beginning I was amazed as well. Now this is the first treatment that I talk about because of all of its benefits.


-eat right after

-no waiting to heal

-looks great

-no adjustments

-secure and teeth do not come out

For more information call and lets talk about your situation.

Nicholas Fournier DD

613 446 3336

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