• Nicholas Fournier DD

"My lower denture is loose"

Many people think that false teeth is a great way of getting rid of their dental problems. It does not come without its own problems and challenges. I see patients every day telling me that their dentures are loose. It makes me laugh every time, because of their expression and perception that they are the only one that has this problem. I forget that this is all new to them and they don't have an open discussion with their friends about it.

Let's go through what is going on. The body is a amazing machine and It wants to alway conserve energy and needs stimulation to grow. When teeth are pulled out, the bone is taken back by the body because that bone has lost its stimulation, the root of the tooth. The bigger problem is that the bone continues to go away until there is very little left and impossible to have anything (denture) on such small support. This bone loss can be gradual and sometimes it goes away very fast. It has nothing to do with age but mostly about what your body does to keep it.

This is absolutely something that everyone experiences. The only difference between the people that can function with very little and another that can not, is that person's ability to adapt to something with very little function. If I look at lower denture stability, from patient to patient, the dentures are not tighter from one and other. Some patients say they can eat anything and most say they hate it and nothing works. It could be that some are lying to me about how things are good. I will never know, but if it is a lie, they would be lying to themselves. To give you an idea of how prevelent this is, you just need to look at the old age home and see what they are eating.

Ok, knowing that this is going to happen, I tell all my patients what to expect and what solutions are available to eliminate the problem. Luckily in this day and age we have amazing solutions to this problem. No one has to go around with a embarrassing denture. They can get it so teeth never come out! Give us a call to know how this is possible .

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