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Life with dentures and implants

Life with Implants

Life with dentures can be a difficult thing to accept. In reality no one wants to loose their teeth. I see often patients that are hiding away from the fact that there teeth are at the point of no return and need to be extracted. They are just trying to hold on just a little longer. Fear is the thing that are holding them back. I'm not talking about something small but a sense of being incapacitated with nervous sweats and imagining the worst possible feeling. Nothing good!

How to get through all of that?

The answer is educated decisions. There are a lot of different scenarios that can be a part of the solution. For example patients think that once you get a denture, life or dental treatments are over. Far from the truth, once you loose your teeth it is time to think about dental Implants to help get that anchor back like your teeth once did. This can be done with partial dentures or complete dentures. The difference is that the patient comes full circle and comes back to what there natural teeth did for them. Confidence, self estem, function and esthetics has all come back. Knowing what is possible is a life changing solution.

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