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insurance or financing

Our natural tendency to save money is very anchored in us when we shop for products. We all try to find the best deal and still try to get it for cheaper. In reality everything has a cost and most of the time the cheaper it is quality suffers and cost can finally come from replacement. In the world of dentistry the dental insurance would seem to help people get that reduced cost, but be careful of what is covered.

Often enough between dental professional we can see that patients are willing only to do a treatment if the insurance pays for it. This typically leads to tooth loss because the insurance will only cover the minimum and not the better prognostic treatment. For example, a tooth that hurts would need a crown and root canal for it to be a good long term repair. The insurance companies will only cover a maximum of 1000$ so you are left with a bill of 1000$. Option B would be to pull the tooth and you insurance will cover it at 100%. often enough the patient gets the tooth pulled without thinking of the short term and long term consequences. What if there would be an other way.

The financing option is a great way to get what is needed and covered at 100%. For the same price as you insurance company would charge you per month you could get what you need and be happier about it. I know I know, nobody wants to pay interest, myself included but in these situations you are far better off paying interest compared to paying the insurance company and compared to choosing the wrong treatment that would be much more costly down the road. let me give you a example of a treatment.

Take a look at your full costs, what you are getting out of it and see for your self.

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