Those seeking solutions for their missing teeth have three practical options: dentures, snap-on overdentures or RevitaliZeTm Patient Solutions



DENTURES are the most common solution to missing teeth. They are secured in the mouth by adhesives, suction and gravity. Denture wearers often have trouble speaking, are more prone to gagging and must endure the embarrassment of their teeth shifting, coming loose and even falling out completely. Denture wearers also suffer pain and soreness when eating regular foods. The chewing motion causes the hard denture plate to press into the gums and pinch the gum tissue, resulting in pain so severe that many denture wearers refuse to chew anything substantial and resort to a diet restricted to soft foods and liquids.




SNAP-ON DENTURES offer a little more security than dentures. Snap-on dentures require the placement of a few dental implants to help keep the denture in one place. However, they still press on gum tissue, resulting in a substantial amount of pain and soreness when eating. Wearers of snap-on dentures chew less efficiently, as the back of the denture still lifts off the gums when eating certain foods. Due to this, many snap-on overdenture wearers limit themselves to eating mostly soft foods such as mashed potatoes, apple sauce and other finely chopped items. In fact, the bite force of snap-on wearers is typically reduced to 35% of those with natural teethl. The snap-on rings or clips also require replacement over time, costing both time and money to repair.



RevitaliZe is the best possible solution to those missing teeth. RevitaliZe Patient Solutions allow you to reclaim your life RevitaliZe enjoy all the foods and activities you wish, without limitations or restrictions. Chewing ability is restored close to the ability of your own natural teeth, and it is virtually impossible for your new teeth to shift, come loose or fall out.eating with RevitaliZe.



Caring for the New You

Living with RevitaliZe is simple. For the most part, you care for your new teeth just as you care for natural teeth. Your new teeth will need to be professionally cleaned at least twice a year. The hygiene appointment can be carried out at your dentist's office.


Proper brushing is as important for your teeth as it is for your gums. Developing a good oral care routine will ensure your ongoing dental health. Regular dental checkups (including monitoring the implants), at least twice a year, are also recommended.


Since many of us have unique health and dental conditions, it is a good idea to ask your dental professional for further advice regarding an oral care regimen that is specific to your conditions.


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