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Why does my Denture no longer work? 

Over the course of the years, the bone begins to resorb due to the absence of natural teeth.  The support of the prosthesis gradually collapses and compromises the condition of your mouth.  A prosthesis that does not function properly is the result of an inferior-quality foundation. 


Are dental implants for me? 

Implants are appropriate for most people, even for patients who have limited bone structure or suffer from poor health.  


What are the other options? 

Those who choose not to have implants, often begin using an adhesive. It all depends on your oral health. 


What are the risks related to the implant procedure? 

There are very few risks related to this procedure. The most frequent side-effect is that the body rejects the implant which happens in 2% of cases. In that case, we would simply replace the implant.  


Are implants painful? 

Patients are often surprised to find out that implants can be painless. However, some patients experience some discomfort and sensitivity for a short time.

Will I be without my teeth during the treatment process? 

Absolutely not. There are many procedures available and, because of this, you will not leave our office without your teeth. 


How long will the procedure take? 

Depending on the treatment, dental implant placement can last anywhere from one to three hours.   


When can I return to work? 

Although we recommend waiting at least one day before returning to work, you can return to work the same day. 


How much do implants cost? 

The price varies based on the desired end-result. We will present you with various treatment options, and the final decision is up to you.  We want to offer you the best price possible without compromising the quality of the treatment. We are also pleased to offer a financing plan.   


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