A dental prosthesis or denture is a device fabricated to regain oral functionality and aesthetics. People don’t realize the important impact caused by tooth loss. The quality of life diminishes a great deal for individuals whose oral health and functionality are limited by missing teeth.  A dental prosthesis, like any other prosthesis, plays an important role in your overall well-being, that of replacing this loss.      



A dental implant is an artificial tooth root.  Made of surgical titanium, it is inserted in the jawbone and allows us to create dentures that are firmly anchored and well supported.  It can be compared to the foundation of a house. A house that is placed directly on the soil instead of a proper foundation is unstable and will soon crumble. We simply place pillars or a proper foundation to anchor and support the structure. 


Dental implants were developed in the 1950's and their success rate increased in the 1970's when implants were fused directly to the bone.


However, it is during the 90's that dental implants became even more popular, their success rate spiked close to 100%. It’s now possible to undergo a surgery-free and painless implant procedure! More and more, people of all ages are undergoing this type of treatment. Adults ranging from the ages of 25 to 90 with varying degrees of oral health, as well as individuals with a phobia of implants, are choosing this type of treatment.

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