Teeth-in-a-Day Technology: Revolutionizing dental prosthetics and changing lives

Fournier Denturist Clinic - Rockland, Cumberland, Orleans, Bourget, Casselman. In an idyllic world, straight and sparkling white teeth would be a given for everyone. Unfortunately, genetics, health, and accidents play a significant role in obtaining and keeping what is deemed as the “perfect smile.” Luckily, the field of dentistry has evolved by leaps and bounds and technological advancements now enable dental professionals to repair common, but highly problematic issues. One of these issues is tooth loss. Whether caused by an accident, health problems or poor oral health care, a missing tooth or teeth can have detrimental physical and psychological effects if not repaired properly and quic

Life with dentures and implants

Life with dentures can be a difficult thing to accept. In reality no one wants to loose their teeth. I see often patients that are hiding away from the fact that there teeth are at the point of no return and need to be extracted. They are just trying to hold on just a little longer. Fear is the thing that are holding them back. I'm not talking about something small but a sense of being incapacitated with nervous sweats and imagining the worst possible feeling. Nothing good! How to get through all of that? The answer is educated decisions. There are a lot of different scenarios that can be a part of the solution. For example patients think that once you get a denture, life or dental treatm

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